candidates for Jets to replace Mike LaFleur as offensive coordinator

As I have previously mentioned, the New York Jets are in need of a new offensive coordinator and quarterback for the 2023 off-season. In order to find the best fit for their team, they will need to evaluate all potential candidates and weigh the pros and cons of each.

One potential candidate for the offensive coordinator position is Darrell Bevell. Bevell has experience in the Kyle Shanahan offensive system, which is the system that current Jets head coach Robert Saleh wants to run. He also has a previous working relationship with Saleh from their time in Seattle. Despite struggling as an offensive coordinator for the Jaguars and Lions in recent years, it is important to note that poor quarterback play was a key factor in these struggles. Bevell’s experience as a play-caller will be valuable for the Jets, who did not score a single touchdown in the final three weeks of the season. He could bring the necessary help to push the Jets forward in terms of offensive innovation.

Another potential candidate is Frank Reich. Reich has a successful track record as a coach for the Indianapolis Colts and was able to turn Carson Wentz into an MVP candidate. However, his team’s success was hindered by injuries and failed draft picks. Although Reich is considered a longshot, as multiple teams will be looking to hire him as head coach, he is still considered one of the brightest minds in football with experience in getting the best out of quarterbacks. He could also be a potential solution to bring in a veteran quarterback like Derek Carr to help the Jets move into the postseason.

Jim Caldwell is another potential candidate for the offensive coordinator position. Caldwell has a wealth of experience calling plays and getting the most out of players. As a head coach, he led Peyton Manning to the Super Bowl and the Lions to their most successful four-year stretch in half a century. He also has a proven track record as a member of the Ravens staff in winning a Super Bowl. Caldwell’s name has been brought up in head coaching searches, and if he does not get the top job, it could be worth getting a coordinator position to help enhance his candidacy. If Caldwell is able to get the Jets’ offense moving, it will be one of the more impressive jobs of his career.

Pep Hamilton is another potential candidate for the offensive coordinator position. Despite Houston’s poor season, Hamilton has a great track record of working with quarterbacks and has been successful as a play-caller. If the Jets want an experienced play-caller but not with as much head coaching baggage as others on the list, Hamilton could be a perfect choice.

Lastly, Greg Olson is another potential candidate for the offensive coordinator position. His work with Derek Carr has been well-documented, and this connection could potentially lure Carr to the Jets. Olson has had success in producing great receiver talent and could be the first domino to fall in bringing an experienced quarterback to the team.

In conclusion, the New York Jets have a difficult decision to make in finding the right offensive coordinator and quarterback for the 2023 off-season. Potential candidates include Darrell Bevell, Frank Reich, Jim Caldwell, Pep Hamilton, and Greg Olson. Each candidate brings a unique set of skills and experiences, and the Jets will have to carefully evaluate each one to determine the best fit for their team.