NLCB Results – NLCB Play Whe Winning

For every $1 wagered, the NLCB Play Whe online game pays out a minimum of $26. The Play Whe MegaBall Promotion also offers players the chance to win an additional $36 or $74 for every $1 wagered on the MegaBall, depending on which MegaBall is called.

The NLCB Play Whe winning tickets must be validated at an On-Line Agent and claimed within 180 days of the draw date. A prize of $5600 or less will be paid by the Agent. You must claim prizes over $5600 at the National Lotteries Control Board.

A ticket is the only valid proof of your number selection and the only valid receipt for claiming a prize. In the event of a lost or stolen ticket, the NLCB is not liable.

Play Whe Results

Tickets, transactions, and winners are governed by NLCB rules, regulations, and procedures. Unused, illegible, previously paid, mutilated, misprinted, not properly registered with the National Lottery Central Computer, or altered tickets are void and will not be paid. You must be at least 18 years old to play.


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